Why so expensive! The most expensive air and train tickets in Russia

There are no such prices in our country, but passengers still regularly have questions: why are tickets in Russia so expensive? For comparison, the article provides a list of really cheap tickets in Russia and abroad.

Moscow – New York, British airways, $ 17,000

A ticket for an intercontinental flight with a transfer at London Heathrow Airport will cost the traveler 1 million 200 thousand rubles. The range of services includes a VIP room at the London terminal and at the seventh terminal of the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York with separate rooms, spa services, waiters and personal concierges. In-flight, in the first-class cabin, a sliding chair, a personal TV, restaurant meals are offered, before and after the flight, luggage will be collected and delivered from door to door. At the end of the flight, they will stroke and clean the wrinkled clothes during the long flight at the New York Airport.

Moscow – Vladivostok, S7, 2500 dollars

A ticket from one end of the country to the other and back in business class costs about 170,000 rubles. Airlines do not offer luxurious conditions when flying around Russia. The emphasis is on meeting the requirements for the environment, width, and comfort of the seats in the front of the passenger compartment and especially attentive service. In addition, business class passengers are offered a separate check-in desk, an indoor waiting room and more varied meals than on-board.

St. Petersburg – Magadan, Aeroflot, up to $ 2,000

A seat for a regular flight from St. Petersburg to Magadan costs about 140,000 rubles in both directions. Special services, except for the relatively fast flight for this direction – 13 hours with a transfer in Moscow, are not offered at this rate.

Moscow – Ulan Bator – Vladivostok, Golden Eagle train, $ 33,000

Perhaps this information will surprise someone, but in Russia, there are premium-service trains running across the country. And this is not just about a superior compartment, but about a real palace on wheels. Trains of the “Golden Eagle“ Tsarskoye Zoloto ”travel mainly at night, so that during the day tourists can attend excursions in Russian cities meeting along the route. The Golden Eagle is one of the 25 best trains in the world. A doctor accompanies passengers on each trip and cooks trained on European railway lines. The price of a ticket for one person in a double compartment starts at $ 5,500, and a double suite will cost $ 33,000.

Moscow – Beijing, train “Imperial Russia”, 6300 dollars

The cruise train “Imperial Russia” follows the country, then travels through Mongolia to China. Travel time is six days. Each major city organizes excursions. Visits to museums and theaters, hotel accommodation and a night in a Mongolian yurt are included in the ticket price. A place in a standard coupe costs about $ 4,500, a first-class double coupe costs $ 6,300, and there are no more seats in the VIP coupe for $ 10,000 in 2016.

Moscow – Nice, Russian Railways, $ 900

One of the oldest foreign railway lines Moscow – Nice opened in 1864. Since 1914, the message was interrupted and only recently resumed. Today, luxury cars on this train consist of a lounge bar and four compartments for two passengers each. The compartment has a sofa bed, wardrobe, TV, private bathroom. Breakfast is served every morning. Ordinary coupes are quite well equipped and a place in them costs about 17,000 rubles.

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