The ongoing English Premier league is getting competitive and hair-raising by the day. As we approach May, all team managers seem to have put their best feet forward ready to take the glory home. Liverpool FC has been doing quite good lately and I find them superbly placed to top the rungs come the end of this season.
Being just 4 points behind the blues (Chelsea FC) nothing can stop Liverpool from taking the much coveted trophy home this time round. Their performance has been quite impressive since this season began. Anyone who understands football quite well will tell you that indeed this time round the “Reds” are not going to walk alone.

Here are the reasons why I believe Liverpool are the ones who are going to win the EPL 2013/2014 season. Sbobet is offering $4.30 for Liverpool to win the league.

Suarez is the man to watch

This Liverpool striker has been doing well since he joined the team. Recently he has been named as the man of the match after the brilliant performance in Saturday’s match. He is the reason why it has been easy for Liverpool to make it to the second place in the table. He has been able to work together with his team mates the likes of Daniel Sturridge, Raheem Sterling and their captain Gerrard who are also stars in football.

With the fact that no other striker has scored more goals in premier league in this season at this stage, Suarez is well on course to break Andy Cole’s and Alan Shearer premier league record of 34 goals in just a single season. As we are speaking, he has so far scored 22 incredible goals in just 16 games. And if he goes on playing with the same spirit for the remaining 17 games, he will be in a position to finish with 45 goals and Liverpool FC will take the trophy home.

An outstanding manager

The Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers deserves praise for the big things he has so far done for Liverpool. It is because of him that the team is doing excellent. The unique way he has managed the team has taken him a lot of effort. He is spending a lot when it comes to training the team so he can get the best out of them. That is why many people are saying that Liverpool FC is one of the team in good hands compared to the rest in English premier league.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that Liverpool may grab the English premier league trophy come May. It is one of the teams that has been fairing well this season. Their new tactics for playing are very promising and unique too. The rest of the teams have also confessed the same.